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$ for monitor tiling problem
  Matt98568, Oct 23 2009

$15 to anyone that can help me fix the tiling problem on my monitors

I use two monitors a 24 inch (1920X1080) wide screen and a 19' square (1280 x 1024). I have the resolutions maxed out on both and my video card can support this.

Here is the problem/how to get the money

Before everything got messed up when I played on Pokerstars and tiled the tables, 4 tables would tile on the 19 inch then any amount after the four would tile on the 24inch. This is what I would like to get back to..

Currently when I tile the tables I get the first six to go on the 24 inch then, any more tables tile on the 19 inch. I only use the 24 inch for playing and the 19 for the lobby screen, random windows, etc. Just want to be able to get 12 tables with little to no overlap on the 24 inch.

I'll just go down the list of who posts first

Edit: I don't know what info is needed to do this, so if anything is not clear or you need to see more settings let me know, thanks

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$25 to anyone on Pokerstars
  Matt98568, Apr 26 2009

That can help me find links to stream a few movies. I have a world war II history class on film and have missed 5 or so days.

Diary of Ann Frank
Ann Frank Remember
Sands of Iwo jima (John Wayne)
This is the army
Big Red One (Mark Hammel)

Basically I'll give $5 per movie based on who posted first, but if link does not work i'll go to the next person and so on. If you find all 5 ill ship you $30 on pokerstars.

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Looking to move money to Ftp for stars
  Matt98568, Jun 14 2008

I'm looking to move 2000 over to Fulltilt from stars. I did'nt have rakeback before on Fulltilt now I do so if anyone can help me out it would be appreciated. I'll send first, and I'll pay 50 for whoever can do this. Only people with alot of posts/have done transfers before that have went well obv.


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